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    Download Le Bot 7.5 New Release

    What's new (?)

    All five Blade of Awe bots added;
    Legion SoulSeeker added;
    Fixed the disconnections in the Mana Golem bot.

    Hotkeys :

    F1 = Opens The Bank
    F2 = Options Menu
    F3 = Bot Manager
    F4 = Lists
    F5 = Pacet Spammer
    F6 = Auto Relogin
    F7 = Use Boosts

    Options Menu :

    Get All drops;
    Lag Killer;
    Reject all drops;
    Skip Cutscene;
    Skill Editor;
    'Rest if HP is < than' button;
    'Rest if MP is low' button;
    Enemy Magnet;
    Change Walk Speed;
    Toggle public/private rooms.

    Botting features :

    Rep :

    Pet Tamer;

    Legion Tokens :

    Coliseum Combatants;
    Beginning the Final;
    Legion Exercise 1;
    Legion Exercise 2;
    Legion Exercise 3;
    Legion Exercise 4;
    Insanely Insane;
    Soul Collector and non-Soul Collector.

    Farming :

    Alchemy Reagents;
    Ancient Vitae;
    Combat Trophies;
    Dark Crystal Shards;
    Dark Spirit Orbs;
    Dragon Talons;
    Elder's Blood potion;
    Emblem of Longevity;
    Emblem of Good Luck;
    Fuchsia/Magenta Dye;
    Find the Blade!;
    Find the Handle!;
    Find the Hilt!;
    Find the Runes!;
    Find the Stonewrit!;
    Finding Fragments with Blade;
    Finding Fragments with Bow;
    Finding Fragments with Broadsword;
    Finding Fragments with Daggers;
    Finding Fragments with Mace;
    Finding Fragments with Scythe;
    Golden Dragon Spear;
    Golden Tickets;
    Mana Golem bots;
    Pay homage to Caladbolg;
    Pinpoint the Pieces with Blade;
    Pinpoint the Pieces with Bow;
    Pinpoint the Pieces with Broadsword;
    Pinpoint the Pieces with Daggers;
    Pinpoint the Pieces with Mace;
    Pinpoint the Pieces with Scythe;
    Rainbow Shards;
    Rays of Hope;
    Sparrow's Blood potion;
    Spirit Orbs;
    Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance;
    Tainted Gems;
    Tainted Souls;
    Totems of Nulgath;
    Viper's Blood Potion.

    Misc/Other :

    Forestchaos gold;
    Generic Attack Bot;
    Quick Gold;
    SpaceTime XP;
    Timeportal CP;
    Undead Pirates XP.

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